Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 5 AKA: Bring On The Cookies!

Two things to know about me: 1) I'm an over-achiever and 2) I'm a procrastinator. You'd think that the procrastination would affect my over-achiever-ness, but it doesn't seem to. It does get me in trouble, though.

For example, I decided to work from home today. I spent 8 hours dividing my attention between my real work and my school work. I had 5 whole days to work on my vocabulary assignment, but I put it off until the last minute. Part of this is due to the fact that I did not want to spend $30 on the workbook in the school bookstore. I found it on Amazon for much less, so I bought it on Friday and made sure they shipped it to me by Monday. I got it on Monday but decided to go shopping with my friend Simmie (see previous post) instead of doing my homework. I've always been like this: put off doing an important assignment or project til the last minute and then hoping to get an A+ on it.

So here I am, working on work stuff and working on homework at the same time. I literally finish my vocabulary assignment (chapters 1-6) at 4:15 with fifteen minutes to spare before I leave for class. When I get to class I feel pretty good about myself, only to realize that I forgot to do chapters 10-17! D'oh!

Thankfully, my Chef is allowing me to bring it in tomorrow, but he gave me a stern warning to not let it happen again. I won't!

We baked a lot of cookies today. A LOT!

Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut Butter
Brownies (which are resting overnight until tomorrow where we frost them)
Coconut Raspberry Macaroons
Sugar Cookies (we'll cut the shapes out tomorrow)

Today I was the mixer. Man, that's hard work. I thought being the scaler was tough. Mixing is intense. When I left there, my back was killing me. I was standing in one spot for 5 hours, so I'm sure that's what contributed to the pain.

Our cookies turned out awesome, though. Take a look:

All of these tasted so good. But after my fourth bite of peanut butter cookie (we have to sample everyone's product and there are four teams) , I didn't want to look at another cookie. But with that said, I'm anxious to get back to class tomorrow. We're baking more cookies!

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